The show must go on !

After a week long presence in Johannesburg, South Africa that has been part of our campaign to connect with Zambians in the diaspora the response has been largely positive and a success in progress such that we have decided to keep our pop up showroom open until the end of the month.



The interest among Zambians living in the diaspora regarding investing back home is optimistic from both young and senior nationals. Young professionals living in South Africa have viewed the development as a great long term investment for future gains while senior nationals who have been settled in South Africa see the estate as place of retirement and an asset to be passed on to their next generations.



The overall turnout has also comprised of a large number of non Zambian nationals mainly consisting of South Africans who are interested in the estate as both an investment and a holiday home retreat. With the interest rate at an all time high in the South African property market the cost of housing has become out of reach for most people, so more and more South Africans are starting to look towards the greater sub Saharan region for property investment opportunities.


To accommodate all the attendees that are interested but could not commit on the day of attendance we have decided to keep the showroom open on Sunday the 19th from 10:00 am till 16:00 pm in order to assist with all of the administration for your investment. Going forth into next week the showroom will remain open every week during the month of June from 9:00 am until 17:00 pm from Monday till Saturday.


All prospective investors are advised to bring; 2 passport photos, a copy of ID, proof of residence and recent payslips or bank statements. Upon providing all the requested documentation investors will then be required to sign a letter of offer, contractual agreement and credit form then commence making their monthly payments.


In the coming months we will also be making regional trips within South Africa to major cities including Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth so we advise all Zambians in those regions to keep a look out for the announcement of those dates.