Its not just a house, its a way of life

Our house plans are designed by among the best architectural firms on the African continent and will be made available to plot owners.

Your New Home

Nkwashi is a new town that is being developed 36 kilometres east of the City of Lusaka. It is situated along Leopards Hill Road, approximately a 20 minute drive from Cross roads Shopping Mall and about a half hour drive from the Lusaka CBD. Nkwashi will include more than 9460 residential plots, as well as hundreds of acres of green areas and parks, 9 schools including an International School and an American University with a Teaching Hospital.




Nkwashi has been designed to be a town that enables its residents to truly thrive. The town includes 12 residential districts, each with 3 suburbs on average. In total these have over 9460 residential properties available to the public for purchase, of which approximately 3000 have already been bought by several individuals, investors and families.

All of Nkwashi’s streets and roads will be paved, with every property provided access to water, sanitation and electricity utilities. The various suburbs will also have several green and open spaces available to residents for recreational use.



This new town has been designed with the needs of families in mind. This is important regardless of whether residents intend live at their properties or rent them out; parents, be they owner-occupants or tenants always want to make sure their children have easy access to a nearby school. With that in mind, we have designed Nkwashi to have at least 9 schools and a university.



Any thriving town needs an economic centre of gravity, we have designed one at the heart of our new town. The Nkwashi CBD has been designed to accommodate 300,000 square meters gross lettable area. Once fully developed this will give Nkwashi the potential to become Zambia’s premier business address.

Proximity to the town’s two lakes and parks will also make for a picturesque working environment. Nkwashi will also a light industrial park designed to enable manufacturing and logistics business to take advantage of the town’s superb location.



Play is an incredibly important part of any town. We are building Nkwashi to be a place that residents and visitors can truly enjoy the fun side of life. From upscale shopping to well organised local markets, to sports activities and water sports on its two lakes and several hiking trails through its green spaces— Nkwashi is a place that will give Zambians the ability to play like never before.


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