The Town

Nkwashi is a satellite town designed to function as a fully self-contained and modern city.

Nkwashi is a satellite town designed to function as a fully self-contained and modern city. It will have its own central business district, several residential districts, an education district, several green spaces, fully paved roads, centralised electricity, water and sewerage networks—along with access to high speed internet connectivity. In many ways, it will be Zambia’s best planned and most modern city. Nkwashi’s residential areas will be divided into 12 distinct district areas. These district’s will each be unique to the other, with subtle differences in landscaping features. Each district will also consist of a maximum of three suburbs with approximately 300 properties each. Residents of Nkwashi will hold title to their own properties. These titles will be registered with the Lands and Deeds Registry at the Ministry of Lands.

As Nkwashi has been designed as a fully functioning town, purchasers will not pay cash for their selected properties; rather they will simply be required to make a rate payment for communal services. Thebe will use rate payments to continue to develop and improve the estate, ensuring that residents enjoy living in the town. Please note that residents have full rights to sell their properties, leave their properties as an inheritance to their loved ones, mortgage their properties or use them as collateral. All residents will have equal and full access to the town’s parks, lakes and green spaces.

The Town will provide the following services to its citizens:

Residents of the town will also be able to opt-into the following optional services:

Nkwashi’s values include dynamism, relentlessness, openness, excellence and equitability. The town will be managed on the basis of these values, and residents will be expected to uphold them for the benefit of the community at large.