Nkwashi City Savings & Credit Union


When people grow their savings, they also grow their ability to finance the lifestyle they want; be it holidays, building a home, paying for children’s education, or starting a business. Savings are the critical element.

The Nkwashi City Savings & Credit Union helps its members save by providing our community with various savings products. All of these products may only be used by our members. These include basic member savings accounts, member term deposit accounts, and member real estate accounts. Whilst existing primarily for Nkwashi residents, anyone can become a member of the Nkwashi City Savings & Credit Union.

Borrow from 24% per year

Sometimes people need to borrow money to finance the things they want or need. Whether that's paying for school fees, an emergency, a car, or a new business; access to credit can make life a little easier.
The Nkwashi City Savings & Credit Union provides members with a variety of loans depending on their specific needs.

These range from emergency loans to mortgages, to construction loans, education loans, car loans and more. As with our savings products, anyone who becomes a member of the Credit Union can borrow from the union. All borrowers are required to be savers. interest rates on loans start from as long as 24% per annum.

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What kind of life do you want to have? Maybe you aspire to be a cafe owner, or perhaps you would like to start your own bookstore? Maybe you want to be a landlord that collects rent from tenants of your shops or apartments? Whatever the type of life you aspire for--we believe we can help you build it.

The Nkwashi City Savings & Credit Union not only provides debt finance to its members--it also provides equity investment too. Equity investments are limited to individuals or groups interested in starting a new venture in Nkwashi. Make a first step towards building the life you want. Become a member of the Nkwashi Savings & Credit Union today.


Nkwashi City Savings & Credit Union Limited ("NCSCU") is registered as a Savings & Credit Cooperative with the Registrar of Cooperative Societies in Zambia. NCSCU provides financial services to members of the Nkwashi community, and the general public at large.

Anyone living in the Republic of Zambia or with a valid national ID can be a member of the NCSCU. All members are required to be shareholders of the cooperative. Shares can be purchased at ZMW 200 per share. Members can borrow from the Credit Union once they have fully paid for their cooperative shares. NCSCU is managed by the Nkwashi Estate.

Our Products

Credit Products

  • Loans ( Basic, Building and Education Loan)

    Flexible term loan

    From 24% per year (2.5% per month)

    1 week to 5 years

    Secured Loan:

    • Credit Union Shares
    • Savings

Savings Products

  • Savings account

    Demand account that member can draw from (limited number of withdrawals per month)

    Interest rate of 10% per annum

    Can be used as collateral

    Minimum Balance of ZMW 2500

  • Term Deposit

    Fixed-term deposits

    Drawable only upon maturity


    • 30 days
    • 60 days
    • 90 days
    • 120 days
    • 270 days
    • 360 days

    Minimum Deposit of ZMW 5000

  • Retirement Account

    Fixed-term deposits

    Drawable only upon:

    • Retirement
    • Termination of Employment
    • Invalidity
    • Survivors request
  • Real Estate Coop

    Inflation adjusting product

    Pooled ownership of commercial real estate

    • Capital appreciation
    • Income from rents

    Can be used as collateral against loans

    Minimum Deposit of ZMW 5000

  • NCSCU Ordinary Shares

    Minimum of 15 shares required for NCSCU membership

    Shares payable over a period of 12 months

    Members can purchase more if they wish

    No fixed interest but participation in dividends (if issued)

    Capital appreciation as Net Asset Value changes