2016 Zambia International Property Expo full report

The Zambian property market has evolved to be one of the fastest growing in Africa. The 2nd Annual Zambia International Property EXPO at Mulungushi International Conference Center that took place from May 5th to 7th 2016 hosted leading companies in the industry. Nkwashi took part in the Premier Property event which was graced by the Zambian Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Margaret Mhango Mwanakatwe and His Royal Highness Chief Chibesakunda.


Zambian Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Margaret Mhango Mwanakatwe (2nd Left), speaks at the opening of the Zambia International Property Expo.

The EXPO was an occasion for Nkwashi to showcase our real estate development in Lusaka East to members of the public. Our presence at the EXPO emphasized how the Zambian property market is gradually getting more affordable for the average citizen regardless of their earning power.


Mr. Mwansa (right), speaks at a seminar about why Zambian Property is becoming cheaper.

Nkwashi’s Head of Portfolio Management, Mr. Mumamba Mwansa, gave an enlightening seminar at the event with focus on why the property market in Zambia is getting cheaper. The lucrative market has raised Zambia to be one of the best countries for property investment in Africa.

The thriving Zambian property market is drawing Zambian’s living in the diaspora to invest back home. This point was driven home when keynote speaker at the seminar, Natasha Chiumya, the Managing partner of Folotiya & Chiumya Legal Practioners, gave evidence of the rising number of Zambian’s looking to invest in their home country.


The 2nd Annual Zambia International Property Expo at Mulungushi International Conference Center.

The three-day EXPO had a record attendance compared to the last year, which is evidence that Zambian’s are just recognizing the foolproof benefits of property investment. Multiple companies and corporations actively participated in this Premier event, which made it a labyrinth of lucrative property options for members of the public.


(L-R), Zambia International Property Expo Chairman, Christopher Jannou, Nkwashi’s Executive Chairman Dr. Musokotwane and Nkwashi’s Head of Portfolio Management Mumamba Mwansa.

The Zambian International Property EXPO proved to be the convergence of the brightest minds in the industry, and it was a unique opportunity for Nkwashi to network and share developmental prospects to stakeholders. The EXPO was organized by ZIPE Chairman, Mr. Christopher Jannou who is an American developer, investor, award-winning producer and author that has been developing affordable housing in Africa since 2010. He is the host of weekly syndicated radio show “Business Intelligence: Africa,” which airs on ZNBC in Zambia.

Executive Director, Annely Vihmann, from Estonia is the Lusaka-based Creative Director of Bond Girl events also organized the affair. The former New York-based model and hospitality professional now runs fashion and entertainment events around Africa. She is also a Parson’s trained landscape architect.


Nkwashi Client Management interacting with guests. Head of client management; Thelma Zimba and Karen Mufuzi.

Nkwashi is opening its doors to Zambians living abroad by affording ‘diasporians’ an equal opportunity to be a part of our Satellite city development in Lusaka East. We are excited to announce our upcoming Road Show in South Africa, which is a testament to our belief that all Zambians across the world should have the opportunity to soar high. The event will be hosted in the format of a week long pop up showroom in Midrand, Johannesburg where we’ll be showcasing the Nkwashi vision of a community in Zambia which is being built with a home environment that is at par with the quality comparable to estates in cities like Johannesburg.

Property investment is growing in Zambia, and with key players in the industry coming together at an event such as the Zambia International Property Expo, it is only a matter of time before Zambia starts to compete with key players in the International property market.

We encourage every Zambian living abroad to keep an eye out for our activities in the respective country you are living in. Soar high.