Project Eagle in Action

We are proud to announce another breakthrough achievement for us this year with the launch of Nkwashi’s Project Eagle which commenced in June. This means that the secondary roads and tertiary roads along the Basic Plots have been opened as of the month of June.



Pictured: The main access way.

This follows the completion of the two bridges along the main access way. The construction of the two bridges will allow for a seamless passage into the estate. The bridges seal the gap in the main road on the points that water will flow through the estate and this marks a major accomplishment in our goals for the year.


Construction of the bridge in the main access way at Nkwashi that has now been completed.


During construction of the bridge at Nkwashi.

The launch of Project Eagle this month will see that the Basic plot section has a road network leading to the plots for residents who will live in that area. The basic plot section, which has the most clients, is on the eastern extent of the satellite town and has a pleasant vista of the surrounding region.

This progress is significant because every plot in the section that is now accessible will be beaconed. Some plots in the basic plot section have already been beaconed, and the open roads will allow clients to reach their specific portion of real estate. Road setting will take place simultaneously with bush clearing in the area.


Pictured: Bush clearing in the basic plot section if the estate.


Pictured: Road works under construction in the basic plot section of the estate.

project-eagle-in-action-6In addition to all the works currently happening on site, a temporary dam is being constructed. The dam will serve to collect water that will be used for road construction after the rain season.


Creation of a dam is in the works at Nkwashi Site.

Many more developments will continue to take place on site throughout the year so we encourage all of our existing clients and potential investors to visit our showroom in Woodlands Lusaka on Nalikwanda road to book a site visit and take a tour to view this paradise under construction. Alternatively you can pre-book your site visit online via our website We look forward to showing you around the place of your future home and will endeavor to keep you posted with all the significant development milestones in our journey together to soar high.