Thebe Investment Management Partners with Habitat for Humanity

Thebe Investment Management, the developers of Nkwashi, Lusaka’s premier satellite town are proud to announce a new working partnership with Habitat for Humanity Zambia as a Corporate Sponsor and fundraiser.


(L-R): National Director of Habitat for Humanity Zambia (HHZ) – Kanyata Mukelabai, Head of Marketing and Communications of Thebe Investment Management (TIM)- Thomas Mofolo, Client Management and Business Development – Karen Mufuzi, Head of Client Management (TIM) – Thelma Zimba, Board Chairman (HHZ) – Douglas Katengo, Resource Development and Communications Manager (HHZ) – Linda Sharon Mafonko

The NGO, Habitat for Humanity, is an ecumenical Christian registered organization with a housing ministry working with communities to eliminate poverty and housing needs through training and building simple, decent and affordable houses.

As developer of the largest mixed use and mixed income real estate development in Zambia, Thebe is invested in creating sustainable and beautiful places where people can live, work, learn and play. Through its partnership with Habitat for Humanity, Thebe Investment Management will be taking a step forward with its vision of ‘Advancing Africa’ by championing Habitat’s cause and raising awareness for it that can enable new Nkwashi clients to contribute towards providing affordable housing for low income households in Zambia.


Thebe Investment Management team and Habitat for Humanity Zambia team at the signing of the MoU.

The MoU was signed in Lusaka Zambia at an official press conference hosted by National Director of Habitat for Humanity Zambia, Kanyata Mukelabai, and Thebe’s Head of Marketing and Communications Thomas Mofolo, on 12th September 2016.

The partnership is a clear indication of positive development that will help alleviate poverty in Zambia through affordable housing for all regardless of economic background as Board Chairman of Habitat for Humanity Zambia, Douglas Katengo, stated, “This agreement is very important because it will benefit the poor people. We will work towards sustainable and holistic solutions to achieve a holistic approach to alleviating poverty.”


(L-R): Board Chairman (HHZ) – Douglas Katengo, National Director of Habitat for Humanity Zambia (HHZ) – Kanyata Mukelabai, Head of Marketing and Communications of Thebe Investment Management (TIM)- Thomas Mofolo.

All new Nkwashi clients are encouraged to take part in this optional corporate social responsibility initiative by making a minimal monthly financial contribution ranging from 20 to 50 Kwacha, Dollars, Pounds or Rands (depending on country of residence) in addition to their monthly premiums. The idea is a simple one; to empower all Africans to Soar High by providing those that have with an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those that do not have. Part of the values embedded in Nkwashi’s mantra to ‘Soar high’ is the firm belief that success starts in the home therefore by building quality living environments we can help every African thrive.

In addition to to providing marketing and fundraising support the Nkwashi client management team will also be involved in quarterly voluntary manual labor programs hosted by habitat in different regions throughout Zambia. It is envisaged that the MoU will help reduce the housing deficit that currently stands at 1.5 million, which is expected to reach 3.8 million by 2030, based on the Central Statistics Office (2010). Through this new partnership between Thebe and Habitat for Humanity Zambia, part of the initiative will also increase vulnerable families access to safe drinking water and Sanitation, as well as help vulnerable individuals, particularly women, to secure land tenure and strengthen their property rights.
to find out more about ‘Habitat for Humanity’ Zambia and the work that they doing please visit: