Poor construction quality can have devastating consequences on your home. The gravest of consequences is that it can lead to the collapse of the house. According to Kishor Pate, “building collapses are a common phenomenon but these tragedies seem to mostly occur in small buildings belonging to low-income and informal and semi-formal neighbourhoods.”

It is therefore essential for one to assess the quality of the construction so as to avoid such a tragedy from occurring. This can be done in multiple ways. Here are five (5):

  1. Examine the Soil

Investigating the soil is very crucial because it enables you to ensure there are no chemicals or physical conditions on site that might damage your house. The nature of the soil determines whether it can bear the weight of the  foundation of a building. A soil test is usually conducted prior to the construction process. It is wise to ask for a copy of the test from your developer.

  1. Investigate the concrete mix

Critically examining the mix is important because the load a structure can carry and bear is determined by the strength of the concrete mix. Be sure to follow accurately the stages of concrete quality checking.

  1. Ensure Safety Features

Developers always put in place safety measures such as earthquake resistance, emergency evacuation or fire exit. It is cardinal to make ensure these are in place.

  1. Examine Plastering Quality

Poor foundation or poor quality of the building construction is indicated by the uneven cracks on the wall plastering.

  1. Inspect the Thickness of the Wall

The best and probably simplest way to do this, according to Makaan iQ, is to “use any key and try to press against the wall. If you can easily make a hole with it, it is evident that the developer has used low-quality material. Also, to check the hollowness of the wall, tap with your knuckles to hear the kind of sound it makes.”

The above methods of measuring construction quality are certainly valuable, as they will help prevent tragedies from occurring as well as ensure you have a home of good quality.

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