All around us, where ever we turn  we see design, inside homes, yards, offices, events and more.  It might not occur to you initially but have you ever walked into a house and fallen in love with its aesthetic? or looked at a painting and admired how the elements worked well together or perhaps noticed a picturesque  landscaping project? Thats design!

Its at the cornerstone of everything we do despite the fact that we hardly think about it, design dictates a significant part of our lives and by extension the world. Just because we don’t spend obscene amounts of time thinking about it doesn’t mean it doesn’t manifest itself in subtle ways.

Design is important because it changes the way we see things, the way we interpret things and the meaning behind what is being designed. For others, design is a way in which they express themselves, their creative spontaneous side and bring to life their thoughts, images and passion.

Its literally the spice of life. Without it, everything would be dull, boring, a cliché and honestly depressing. Society isn’t always savvy about how design adds a certain meaning to life but nevertheless we are inextricably connected to it.

Design can be taken in a complex relationship we have with what surrounds us and how we have done certain things. Design adds a meaning that goes beyond culture, past life or new things. It makes everything feel like you, some design makes everything calm and peaceful, others scary and creepy but everything has something in depth that only a person’s eye understands and what they want to reflect to others around.

Design answers questions, solves problems and most importantly communicates. What do you want your house to look like, what impression would you like to give, what are people to say about what they have seen? All those are questions asked.

Nkwashi has house plans and designs for the city. This is because Nkwashi is a place where not only homes are built but a certain lifestyle is lived. A lifestyle that many want and should have. Design is everything and more.