Moving into a new house can be very exciting but you will probably feel a little weird and out of place in the first few weeks. It’s an awkward transition that some may fly through easily but could take a while for others.

Here are a few tips that will make you feel at home in your new house.

  1. Clean Up

The house was most likely cleaned before you moved in but having to unpack and pull furniture around will probably bring a whole lot of dirt. Whip out a broom and duster and give the place a good sweep.

  1. Decorate

If you can, decorate. Nothing makes a house feel more like yours than spending time improving it and adding your personal touch.

Your taste in colour schemes or ornamentals will bring your personality to the house and make it feel like yours instantly. Maybe just get some new bed covers or some new cushions for the couch. The little things can work as well as the big. If you are not allowed to paint, consider removable wallpaper.

  1. Have Guests Over

Once you’ve settled in, have a group family and friends over.

They might have some good ideas for storing and organising things. Filling a house with love and laughter will do more for making you feel at home than anything else. Having a little housewarming party could also motivate you to get unpacked and semi-organised.

  1. Stick to Your Regular Routine

Your daily routine does not have to change just because your location did. As soon as you move in, insure you continue to do things the way you did at your previous home.

  1. Bring Out Your Favourites

Light up some candles and play some music you love, set up your bookshelf, bring out some plants and paintings that you kept at your previous home. This will instantly give your walls personality and make it feel like home. Being in a familiar setting will help you get cozy quicker. Adding your own personal taste and style can cultivate warmth and a sense of home.

  1. Actually Spend Time There

If you’re never around, your place won’t feel like a home at all. The more time you spend actually using your place, the more it’ll feel like yours.

Spend time in each room. That way, you get to know it inside out, where the best place to sit is, where the best place to put your plants is.

There are many ways to make a house feel like home, some can take time, and some can help immediately.